Monday, April 28, 2008

15 allergies - ouch!

15 allergies - ouch
This story occured on 3/21/08
This is a sad post. Today I'm going to be sad and wallow and tomorrow I won't allow it. I'll pick myself up and face these challenges head on but for now I need to wallow. MG had her skin testing today. This picture is of her back three hours later. Although you can see a few bumps it doesn't show how AWFUL the whole ordeal was. Her entire back was bright red. She was poked with 23 needles. There is more green writing and red bumps on the sides of her back that this picture doesn't show. She screamed with each poke and I held her and tried to hold her still. Ugh. We had some good and bad news after we waited for 14 agonizing minutes while she couldn't itch her itchy back that had huge growing bumps comparable to a bad mosquito bites all over her little back. Here's the bad news.....

MG has a Life Threatening Allergy to:
*Brazil Nut

MG has an intolerance
(we say allergy to be less confusing) to:
*Cow's Milk

She is also allergic to:
*Pine Nuts
...but I don't know if the above three allergies are life threatening or not.

Yes 15 out of the 21 tests were positive not counting the additional pokes for histamine and saline.The doctor explained that her immune system has not developed enough. That we need to avoid every little thing that could upset her system while we let it mature. We can re-test tomato, wheat, barley, milk, crab, oyster & pine nut in 6 months. She has a greater chance of outgrowing them. The other allergies will be re-tested in a year. Our sweet girl is happy now she's over the yucky test. She has moved on. She's smiling. She has no idea that the world is even more dangerous for her today then it was yesterday. A simple trip to the park seems so safe to her but it's not easy on mom and dad who are sizing up every single thing going on around us to make sure no one is eating anything dangerous around her. My mind is spinning trying to figure out how I'm going to re-configure her diet and teach her about her current allergies.There is the
good news of adding codfish, salmon, tuna and potatoes into her diet. Not sure if we will let her have fish even with the doctors ok. It's funny every doctor tells us something different and after these appointments we always leave with more questions then answers. They say: "Here is a load of stuff your child can't eat.. good luck... come back in 6 months to a year." I begged for more info and the nurse finally gave me a notebook full of pamphlets. I haven't dived into it yet. Anyway, we'll focus more on the positive and what it exactly means to us (for it does mean a lot!) in a later post but as I said today I'm wallowing... it's a sad day for Davfam.


Laura said...

Hi Lisa,

Laura here. I remember having the same test as "MG" as you call her (cute) but I was older. It was an ordeal, but with the changes we made and the allergy shots that followed (I was tested for mostly inhalant allergies - mold, dust, pet dander, pollen etc) my daily life became so much better that it was worth it. I hope that will be the case for little MG. What I wanted to let you know is that food allergy testing is available (at least for adults) with a simple finger prick blood test. I recently had this done and was diagnosed as having a high allergy to eggs, pineapples, bananas and blueberries of all things. My poor brother and his wife found some answers to their troubles when they had the test done and eliminated wheat, dairy and some others. We had the test done through a Naturopath in Kirkland that we all like very much and have know for years. If you're interested in looking having the retests for MG done with a single fingerprick instead of the back ordeal(if this works for kids, but I can't imagine why it wouldn't), let me know and I'll send along his name and phone. I'm going to get the gluten-free baking book for my brother and his wife. Thanks for the tip!