Friday, April 25, 2008

Adenoids & Allergies!

Adenoids & Allergies
I originally wrote this posting on 3/4/08
MG will be getting her adenoids out one week from today. We are a bit nervous about it since she is only 2 but we know it will be the best thing for her. MG currently has a sinus infection with a really, really bad cough. This has been recurring every 4-6 weeks for the past 9 months. We know she'll be a lot healthier without these infected adenoids. Any additional prayers this coming week in her behalf would so great! MG also had her blood work redone for allergies. We haven't meet with the allergist yet but my interpretation of her blood work shows good signs and bad signs. Over the past year MG has been allergic to: Peanuts (this one is life threatening & the reason why we carry and EPI pen), Eggs, Wheat & Potato. We've added dairy based on some suspicions over the last 2 months and now we suspect tomato. With the allergies she already has, adding dairy and tomato takes away the majority of the foods she is currently eating. No more special mac & cheese and spaghetti... ugh! So we are trying to get new ideas figured out but there is hope on the horizon. Her blood test showed that her numbers have gone down for wheat and potato which means there is a possibility that she has outgrown both of these allergies. That would be awesome! The bad news is it looks like MG is also allergic to Tree Nuts and I suspect that this is also a life threatening allergy. We have been avoiding tree nuts & shellfish over the past year b/c we hoped it would decrease her chances of getting an additional life threatening allergy. The test also showed that MG's peanut # went down a tiny bit. Although this doesn't take away this life threatening allergy from being so dangerous to her it does increase the likely hood of her outgrowing it.... which is all I want for her. We can deal with wheat, egg, potato and even dairy and tomato but it's extremely difficult to have to worry about your child whenever we leave the safety of our home. MG is really starting to understand her allergies which is good but it also breaks my heart. When we were at the doctor's office to get her blood work done I told her that a lot of people were at the doctor b/c they were sick. I asked her to stay on mommy's lap and not play since she seems to get sick too easily. She looked up at me and said, "Mommy I'm sick too." I looked at my sweet girl and asked her why she was sick. This was her response. "Allergies mom... peanut, soy, wheat, egg, potato. What a sweet girl. Not sure why she included soy in that list. I hope this post doesn't sound like I'm complaining; I'm just trying to share the biggest part of our life... getting and keeping MG healthy. Honestly, we've found so many hidden blessings with these challenges but I wish they didn't come at her expense. I wish that all these allergies were mine, not hers!