Saturday, April 5, 2008

It all started with a PBJ

I'll never forget the date..... April 15th 2007. We went on a Sunday drive to see the Tulips. Previous to that 'DAY' we were trying to avoid giving her peanut products until she was two for no other reason then her doctor recommended it. We had no reason to think she would have an allergy to peanuts as no one in our family does. So after MG surprisingly gobbled down her entire lunch including her soy butter and jam sandwich and asked for more I gave her a bite of my peanut butter sandwich, since I had nothing else to offer her. I had even turned to Toro and said, "A little bit of peanut butter won't hurt will it?" Sadly, I was wrong.

Within seconds MG started itching her eyes and coughing. We had no idea at the time that she was going into Anaphylactic shock. We were driving on the freeway on our way home from the Tulip Festival. At first we thought she was having a small reaction to what she ate and we exited the freeway to go buy some benadryl. Within a few minutes we knew we were in serious need of help and called 911. It was the most frightening ordeal we've ever been through. As I sat in our car in a parking lot off the side of the road I was praying she wouldn't die. Her face was not recognizable. The hives that appeared all over her face quickly multiplied and her cheeks were so swollen that they were out as far as her nose. Her eyes swelled shut and I was worried that she would stop breathing at any second. Again, this was only minutes since she had taken one small bite of the peanut butter sandwich. The ambulance had a hard time finding us. Toro had to run across the parking lot to flag them down after the cell phone call to 911 cut out and his phone died. I sat there holding my baby praying she wouldn't die. Praying the ambulance would look over and see us in this huge parking lot. I could barely look at MG for fear I would lose it completely and as I held her holding back my own tears I sang her hymn after hymn to try to keep us both calm. Thankfully they did reach us in time and put MG & I in the ambulance. They gave her an EPI shot and we rushed off to the ER.
(MG very concerned about the broken tulip.)

The blessing of that tragedy happening then was that we were all together as a family. Had I been alone with MG when it happened I dare think how the circumstances might have unfolded. MG mastered the sound of an ambulance after this day. Some kids can moo like a cow or bark like a dog. MG could siren like an ambulance at the drop of a hat. You'd be hard pressed to tell the difference from the real thing. We still might take her on Letterman.


Megan said...

I wanted to see what your first post was, because I was curious to read about how it all began. Even though you told me the story before, it made me cry just now! I was so worried for her even though I know she turned out to be okay. It makes me so concerned about making sure this sweet little boy in my class this year is safe. I will be so careful!!

Lauren Daniels said...

Have you talked to Kurt’s sister Christine? Her daughter is really allergic to peanuts too but she did this program and now she can eat them. It was incredible

Lisita said...

I didn’t remember that Christine had an allergic child. We have explored treatment options, but it’s more complicated for our case. I’d love to know what doctor they go to.