Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Memory Lane - May 07

A month after the 'peanut ordeal' we went to an allergist to get MG's allergy testing done. Her test confirmed that she was in fact allergic to peanuts, potato & egg. Surprisingly the test also revealed that she was allergic to WHEAT. I was stunned. Wheat? What will she eat? The Dr. gave me some papers to read and sent me on my way. When I got to the parking lot I was so distraught I didn't notice that someone had rammed their truck into the back side corner of our van. I was fighting back a sobbing fit of crying on the 1/2 hour drive home as I contemplated what I was going to feed my child. When we got home I got out of the van to get MG out and discovered our van had been involved in a hit and run. The gates were unleashed and I started sobbing like a baby. It was a bad day. After MG's nap I took her to our favorite park to try and forget our woes. As we were playing on the lawn laughing and having fun I ran into someone from our church. I don't know why but I mentioned to this woman about our dr appointment and finding out MG is allergic to wheat. She told me to check out Mona's in Woodinville. This was my first glimmer of hope that there was life beyond wheat. I had taken all food for granted before our allergy woes with MG. I'm embarrassed to say that after her wheat diagnosis I didn't even know if I could feed her rice. I didn't know if this meant white flour & whole wheat. I had never taken the time to educate myself on food b/c I didn't have to. I got less embarrassed as these same questions and many more have come my way from friends and strangers we talk to. In retrospect it's nice to look back on this day and see how far we've come but I hope to never repeat a day like this again!