Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I orginally wrote this post on 3/22/08
Already today I feel much more capable and ready to handle the challenges I mentioned in yesterday's post with MG's new allergy test results. To celebrate the addition of potatoes to MG's diet we went to The Ranch for dinner last night. It's amazing how much a hamburger and fries made us all feel better. We tried to explain why she could all of a sudden eat potatoes and then we let her dig in to some fab french fries. She repeatedly exclaimed: "This is so great!" I had my camera on hand to document this wonderful occasion and we laughed that the people around us were probably wondering what the big deal was about french fries! I had debated about not letting her know she could eat french fries b/c we all know that they aren't the best 'vegetable' but for heaven's sake this girl needed a break! What else does the potato do for her diet? We can now buy, Ener-G Egg Replacer! I was always ticked that it contained potato! My flax seed meal egg replacer recipe works fine for most things but the Ener-G replacer is fantastic from what I've heard! MG can now eat baked potatoes, baked sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes, etc. Also, many of the wheat free products we've wanted to try contain potato starch. Adding potato will really add a handful of new choices in her diet.


jenn said...

Just found your blog. I have 3 kids that have had various food allergies/intolerances, many of which they have outgrown. My 3 y.o. has a life-threatening allergy to tree nuts. Much easier to deal with than peanuts, I think. I feel for you! I'm also annoyed with how many health foods have potato starch...my 1 y.o. can't handle potatoes, wheat, eggs, or green beans (of all things!). We have hope, though, because those are all minor reactions and my 6 y.o. outgrew the wheat and potato issues (but I still can't really get him to eat potatoes b/c he doesn't like them after all that time of not eating them). Good luck in your journey! I'm going to go back and read your archives. Looking for info on how to find a good allergy doctor and how to get them to actually help us and guide us...instead of just doing some testing and sending us on our way!

Lisita said...

So glad you found me Jenn. I'm happy to answer any questions you have. If you want to leave your email address in a comment I won't publish it and I'll be happy to write you back. Good luck to you as you work on your kids food allergies!