Sunday, May 18, 2008


Toro got out MG's high tech swimming pool yesterday as the temperature reached 90 degrees here in Seattle. Toro & MG had a fun time playing together in the water while I was away. Toro made sure to apply the spf 50 on MG but even so she had her first heat rash. I've never seen anything like this but Toro assures me that he has dealt with this his entire life. Apparently little MG has her daddy's skin and the two have had almost immediate heat rashes from that bright ball up in the sky. So this summer I'll be keeping Aloe Vera in my purse. I'm so grateful we had some on hand. I thought by this morning her little face would be blistered but apparently a good night's sleep was just what she needed and you'd never know that she was itching her little body like crazy yesterday and that we were fussing all day over reapplying Aloe Vera a million times. Her poor little skin has to deal with eczema, nuts oils and now heat rash? Is this proof that I can blame the allergies on Toro's side of the family? j/k