Saturday, May 17, 2008


We just returned from vacationing at the beach. I thought that I'd thought of everything to prevent any allergy problems with MG. Since there would be no grocery stores with Tapioca Bread and Soy Butter I brought enough food for several weeks even though we were only staying for 4 days. We made sure our friends remembered MG's allergies and when we got to the beach house we went through the entire place making sure there were no nuts! On the second day at the beach house MG started getting mysterious rashes all over her face. We quickly washed her face and saw improvement for a short while but then the rashes came back with furry. I went into detective mode trying to figure out what the culprit could be so we could stop the problem. It finally struck me that it was the conditioner that I put on her hair. Her face was having a problem everywhere that the ends of her hair were touching her face. We have some small plastic bottles that we refill with our shampoo/conditioner at home. I recalled that when Toro was refilling the bottles before our vacation to Utah (one month previous) I told him not to bother emptying out the old shampoo/conditioner that was in there from the previous year. I have no idea which conditioner was in that bottle but it clearly had nut oil of some form. In Utah we never got down to the level of the old shampoo/conditioner but I recalled as I was washing my hair in the shower at the beach that it was a new smell. MG had showered with me and I had added my conditioner to her hair to untangle all of her hair knots from the windy beach. We hurried and gave MG another bath and thankfully the bright red rashes all over her face calmed down and by morning were all gone. Another lesson learned. Although I had checked all of our current soaps, conditioners, etc. for nuts at home I'd forgotten about our all the small bottles we save for vacation. I never stop learning about all the ways nuts can harm her little body. Thankfully everything turned out fine but not without some major stress while we figured it all out.


Heather said...

Unbelievable! Nice work at figuring it out! You are an incredible mother.

Jen said...

Wow. I would have never thought of that. I didn't know nut oil is found in stuff like that.