Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birthday Cake Decisions

Last year Toro had an incredible cake made for my birthday as part of the 30th birthday surprise French themed party he planned. I was amazed at all the work he'd gone to. He met with a baker who custom made this amazing cake to my favorite tastes and then he added an Eiffel Tower on top that he had to search for to get one that was the exact size he needed. It was amazing and I've talked about the cake for a year asking for it to be my only present for my 2008 b-day. As my birthday approached I was horrified when I remembered that the cake had a special nutella mouse as one of the layers. Last year we weren't dealing with MG's tree nut allergies. Toro left the decision up to me and fully supported either route. I thought it over but it really was an easy decision. It would have been no fun for MG (who has been singing me Happy Birthday for months) to be put to bed before cake and left out of the celebration. So this year I opted for a gluten & nut free birthday cake and insisted on making it. I took a bit of the easy route and decided to try Gluten-Free Pantry's old fashioned cake & cookie mix. We all agreed that it was great. Toro & MG took care of decorating it. You'd never think it was without the usual cake ingredients if you didn't know the secret but it is true it didn't come near the taste of last years cake. No matter, sharing the moment with MG was worth it!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Lisa, Happy Birthday to you!!!