Saturday, June 7, 2008

Breakfast Cake

The Craving Place has these amazing baking mixes that are free from most allergens. We love the cinnamon crumble coffeecake mix. We've shared it with many friends who also thought it was fab. It's so great to have options where you can occasionally take a break from making everything from scratch. We like to add apples or cherries to the batter for a fruit filled cake. MG likes to call this breakfast cake but sometimes she also calls it birthday cake! She loves helping me make it only b/c she likes to sneak a taste when she thinks I'm not looking. The Craving Place has several other mixes. We've also tried the brownie mix and we loved it. If you have food allergies this mix is more then worth the price! We also could not live without the Pancake & Waffle Mix. With only adding only water it makes MG's breakfast desires (between pancakes or waffles) a breeze! There goes the buzzer.... I'm off to enjoy our 'breakfast cake' this morning with my handsome DH and sweet little MG.


Jen said...

Yum - I love coffee cake!