Monday, June 2, 2008


MG informed me the other day that one of her favorite little friends (GRB) put peanut butter on her finger and tried to get her to eat it. I know for a fact that this did not happen so I'm assuming she dreamed about it. I did however talk very seriously with her about what she did to handle the situation and how she should react when people want to share food with her that is dangerous. I was careful not to put words into her mouth and to let her answer to see what she really would do. It's amazing to me how much she does understand at her young age about her allergies. We do have several allergy books we read that may have caused her to think or dream up this story but I greatly enjoy any teaching moment where she doesn't have to endure the physical pain of the moment! The books shown above and below are great about explaining peanut allergies to children who have dangerous food allergies and to anyone who wants to learn more about dangerous food allergies. We haven't searched yet for children's allergy books on tree nuts as this is a new allergy to us but I'm certain we'll have some to recommend in the future.


AMB said...

Funny! As I was reading this, I was trying to figure out who's initials they were. Then I was like, duh! Yes, you can rest assured that Gwen hasn't done this. She actually doesn't even like PB. Go figure!