Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ham Sandwiches

For a little girl who has days where she'll only eat
tapioca bread
and soy butter or a melted soy-cheese sandwich
adding ham makes we want to do cartwheels all day long. MG has fallen in love with Trader Joe's Black Forest Uncured Ham. While helping her daddy work on building a fence in our back yard I took lunch out to the two hard workers expecting that MG would feed her ham sandwich to the squirrels. She was reluctant at first but she saw her daddy gobble down his ham sandwich. After some time she wandered back inside in the house and asked for, "More bread in my ham?" She gobbled down another sandwich.... hooray for ham sandwiches!! Not only has she added more variety to her sandwiches but we also have another lunch item we can pack for when we are on the go. So when you see the weird lady doing cartwheels through the neighborhood don't be alarmed, it's just me.


Jen said...

Hurray for ham!!!