Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dairy Challenge Update

It's been over two weeks since we started giving MG dairy again. We've been waiting and waiting to make sure all is on the up and up. Low and behold MG can, yes CAN tolerate dairy in her system! What perfect timing since she has been able to enjoy ice cream during the summer while putting up with her full leg bright orange cast! What are MG's favorite dairy items so far? Mac & Cheese with extra sharp cheddar and cream cheese, cheddar cheese sticks, and Breyers all natural vanilla ice cream. We still have to be careful which ice cream since many have eggs. We've noticed that since we've added dairy back in her diet she is ENJOYING eating. Which makes it easier on me that I don't have to struggle to find creative things for her to eat. Every mom wants to see their child enjoy what they make for them.... three cheers for dairy: hip hip hooray, hip hip hip hooray, hip hip hip hip hooray!!


Jen said...

I'm glad she can enjoy a yummy ice cream cone!