Friday, August 8, 2008

Spinach & Blueberries

I'm still a little leery of MG and wheat. I know it's ok now but when you've worked so hard to avoid an item like wheat and have invested your heart and soul into it, it's surprisingly not easy to turn around and head the opposite direction. This was not something I anticipated. I thought I'd leave the allergy office jumping for joy but instead I felt stunned and uncertain how I wanted to proceed. I've been grateful that we've found many hidden blessings to our allergy situation and I don't want to ever forget what we've learned so I'm determined to continue to home make as much of MG's food as possible. She's in danger of cross contamination with peanuts or tree nuts even more as we widen her safe food list. We had hoped MG would enjoy eating more of what we eat but she's still the same toddler that seems to have inherited my sweet tooth and resists eatting almost everything that's good for her. I even made homemade blueberry muffins this morning and I knew she'd turn her nose at the blueberries so I only put one blueberry in her muffin. She still wouldn't eat it but I thought they were fab!

Knowing that MG eating anything healthy was already a problem I've been contemplating the health of my family even more the last several months and found a solution I was certain would fix all my woes, especially of MG not eating vegetables. I sold Toro on the idea of a new amazing blender. It grinds wheat, it makes Jamba Juice quality smoothies, I could go on forever to tell you of my love of it's abilities. It's owner's manual has already taught me more about nutrition then any other health or cook book. I've even tried to add it to my list on Good Reads. So, back to my story this morning muffins we accompanied with 'green smoothies.' I learned about these from Kristen who did a class on nutrition at a church activity. She then led me to MG looked at the purple drink and asked, "What's that mamma?" I explained that it was like a jamba. She then replied, "Oh, like a jamba, gotcha!" I can hardly believe MG had spinach & blueberries this morning. Not only did she drink it all but she asked for seconds, YES SECONDS! After she ate it I told her honestly what was in and asked she even asked for one for breakfast tomorrow. I was so thrilled that my plan of our blender was already working and it's only been 2 days since it joined our family.


Jen said...

Hooray for the new blender! :)