Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Squirrel Tested

"Kix: Squirrel-Tested, Kid-Approved!"

We used to set out tree-nuts for the squirrels in our back yard all the time. Of course I ashamed to admit it regret it immensely and worry about the possible tree-nuts buried in our back yard that could harm MG if she comes in contact with them. I also wish I could educate the world about not feeding squirrels nuts as we find nuts we've never given our squirrels all over our yard, especially peanut shells but then again I don't think it's something you think about until you fall right smack dab into the middle of the allergy world.

MG always loved watching the squirrel eat the nuts and of course we put a quick end to feeding the squirrel when we found out about her allergies but MG has missed our visits from the squirrel and frankly the squirrel has too. Toro set out some of MG's KIX for the squirrel and he loved them. At first he wouldn't come but when MG started screaming and banging on the window for the squirrel to come eat he surprisingly ran right up to the window. He gobbled them down and ran away. We really shouldn't be too surprised since Kix was the first "puffed" cereal and was introduced in 1937 and I bet Clyde our Squirrels ancestors liked Kix back then too.

On a side note this is something MG asked me awhile back that I couldn't help posting here:

MG: Mom, do squirrels eat nuts?
Mom: Yes, squirrels do like nuts and seeds.
MG: Can I be a squirrel for Halloween?


Kim said...

I happened upon your site through the Blue Lilly Photography Blog. I find it interesting how much we have in common. Our Faith,our location and our daughters life threatening nut allergies. Reading your posts, I reminded of my same fears. I could handle all the other allergies, I would not like them, but at least they cant threaten my innocent child's life. NUTS ARE EVERYWHERE! I didn't realize how common they are in our lives, until you can no longer have them around. Thanks for your stories.

Lisita said...

Thanks Kim! It's a relief to know my thoughts and feelings on allergies aren't alone. Thanks for the comment and I'd love to hear more about your allergy story.

Little Lockards said...

Hey Lisa! I just tried a new soy nut butter and I thought I'd pass it on in case you haven't tried it yet. The brand is I.M Healthy Crunchy Soy Nut Butter. It's really good! I got it at Fred Meyer in Lynnwood. I'm sure the girls would eat this and not even know they weren't eating peanut butter.