Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Your Honor Honey

It's been said that eating local honey may reduce your chances of allergies. I decided that it's worth a try even with experts disagreeing if the issue is true or not. Our favorite local source is Bee Haven Honey. When I arrived I was surprised to find this set up:

There was not a person in sight. Could it be I said out loud? A store that uses the 'On Your Honor' system? I love that places like this still exist, it put a smile on my face. I found the honey I wanted. Was grateful I had the exact cash on hand and inserted my money into their locked cash box. So far MG's seasonal allergies are minimal and at this point I'll do anything, even while the experts disagree, if there is a chance that it might help her from getting another allergy!
Plus, local honey always tastes better and it's MG's favorite topping on, well, EVERYTHING! Thank-you Bee Haven Honey!


Jen said...

That's so cool. I bet that honey is very delicious!