Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread House

I had hoped to experiment with making an egg free gingerbread house this year. Every kit I looked at was made on shared equipment with nuts and was filled with many unnecessary ingredients so I was eager to tackle the homemade task but it never happened. MG settled for a foam gingerbread house but the unusual amount of snow we had here in Seattle kept distracting her from finishing the decorating.
We'll try again next Christmas by starting earlier in the season but I still wanted to post the recipe that I hope to try when 2009 flies by and we are facing Christmas 2009. Molasses-Gingerbread Recipe from Martha Stewart. The frosting part was going to be tricky since it needs to be egg free but when I tackle it next year I'll report how it turns out.


Jen said...

Gingerbread Houses are such a fun tradition!