Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Barium Swallow

MG often complains that she is going to throw-up and occasionally she does with no other side effects. Because of this we finally had MG's Barium Swallow (or UGI) study done at the hospital. We've had to cancel 4 times so it's a relief to have all the anticipation of it over. MG couldn't eat or drink anything all morning. Then when we got into the x-ray room they let her drink a special drink while she laid down under an x-ray machine. The x-ray showed pretty quickly that she was having reflex issues. MG did an amazing job. In fact they said she was the best 3 year old they have ever x-rayed. We will have a doctor appointment soon but until then I've been searching for all the information that I can find about reflex. The most shocking thing I found was that GERD can result in asthma and sinus issues. MG has suffered from both of these since she was born so perhaps we are finally getting to the bottom of these issues, fingers crossed! MG was an infant that threw up constantly and as a result took zantac daily. Our allergist did say that some early studies are showing that medicines like zantac may be factor in causing allergies in children. I hope one day we can find out for sure but until then it seems we are at the bottom of another learning curve on MG's health.
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mandy said...

congrats on that little step! she is such a sweetie. i'm so sorry you have to deal with so much, but you are the perfect mom for her! you amaze me!

Debbie said...

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Laila said...

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