Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Made in the Same Facility

I've been starting to question if I need to continue being strict about having MG avoid products that are made in the same facility as peanuts and tree nuts. Anything made on shared equipment is something we always avoid. My top priority is making sure she never needs our trusty EpiPen but I'm noticing more and more products we like are suddenly changing their labels. That leads me to wonder if they have recently changed where they are processing the product or if they are smacking the extra notice on the label just because the lawyers said they should.

This past week I contacted a company whose product stated that it was merely made in the same facility, which honestly sounds harmless. I asked for details. Are they processed in the same area or they kept in different parts of the building? Do they go down the same chute? What is the probability of an allergen getting into the product, etc?

Their answer: This product is made on shared equipment.

WHAT? That's not whats on the label!

My Solution: Calling every company that lists that a product is made in the same facility to verify what is truly safe and what is not. I'll post my results here. Wish me luck in my quest.