Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tulip Festival

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is a popular event here in the North West. Rumor has it that this festival has more tulips than the entire country of Holland. True or not its worthy of a visit. We haven't braved the tulip festival since MG had her 1st Anaphylactic Shock shortly after leaving the tulip festival two years ago. Yesterday we spent half a day at the festival and created enough memories to think fondly of the tulip festival again. I spent time reflecting that our vigilance in keeping MG safe from peanuts and tree nuts the past two years has been successful. Its often embarrassing to ask strangers what their child is eating or calling up a mom before a birthday part to see what they are serving. Its always worth it to keep MG safe but to think that for 2 years we've succeeded gave me cause to humbly rejoice. So many friends, family and strangers have been so kind to help us on this journey.
We hope to never see her life hanging by a thread again so here's to many more years safe from peanuts and tree nuts!


Little Lockards said...

That must've brought back some bad memories! I'm glad you decided to go back though. It's so beautiful there! You guys got some great pictures!

Jules said...

Thanks for writing your blog. My 2 year old was recently diagnosed with a pine nut allergy (not that we needed the test--his reaction at first bite was pretty undeniable!) and I am now navigating the waters. My other son is mildly allergic to eggs, but the nut allergy has me a bit overwhelmed.

Renae said...

Jenni Thomas gave me this blog address. From birth our 9 month old son has had a severe milk protein allergy and reflux, but 2 weeks ago he went to an allergy specialist for the first time. They did 30 skin pricking tests for basic foods-fruits, veggies, grains, etc... He showed up allergic to ALL of them EXCEPT FIVE. Up until this point our son has only had formula for nourishment because he vomits everything else up. But after his appointment, knowing 5 foods he can try, he's eating bananas, peaches, and now chicken. The other two foods he showed no sign of reaction to were strawberries and canteloupe. We're hoping to try those soon. We have our next appointment in two weeks. Who knows what they'll do.

Sorry this is such a long comment. Anyways, today as my toddler sleeps I was starting to plan our son's first birthday party for August, when it dawned on me for the first time that he can't eat cake. I guess that was the driving force for looking up your blog. What do you do to celebrate your daughter's birthday? Or to celebrate anything for that matter? I guess this is another one of the difficult Mommy Moments when I'm realizing that our son is all but normal. You can see our family blog at Feel free to leave your comments there. If I hear back from you and you say it's okay, I'd love to follow your blog. It's always nice to have a support system.