Monday, May 18, 2009

Add Cats & Dogs to our list...

Last week we visited MG's allergy doctor for her annual testing. We spared her back and didn't test peanuts and tree nuts because the likelihood of any change right now is not likely and why torture her. The doctor agreed to test her for environmental allergies again. We know she's allergic to something but not quite sure what yet. This isn't uncommon with little one's. Often they have to go through several seasons before it will show up on their test. MG's test this year surprised me, a little. She is now also allergic to cats & dogs. I've always suspected she was a little allergic to them but I was surprised she was allergic enough for it to show up in the testing. We don't have animals in our home so luckily it's not a drastic change for us. She will need to avoid other homes with pets as much as possible and is discouraged from petting cats, dogs & anything else that sheds. She is really sad about this and it's hard for her to understand why. Zyrtec will help her if we do go into a home with pets but we are going to avoid that as much as possible.

We also tested MG for eggs. Again, her skin reaction was more dramatic than I expected. I was really hoping she'd outgrow her egg allergy by now and so was MG. The doctor wants to try a baked egg challenge next month. He said that if she tolerates baked eggs well it would be beneficial to start adding a certain amount of baked eggs to her diet. This has the potential of helping her outgrow them permanently. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she can tolerate baked eggs. The potential for her to eat some more of the same things her friends eat is really exciting for her, once again fingers crossed!