Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunscreen, Cotz SPF 58

MG's skin has reacted badly to every sunblock available in stores and I really have tried every possible brand. I mentioned this to our allergist who quickly recommended Total Block COTZ SPF 58. Unfortunately I've only been able to find it online and it's quite expensive but it's 100% worth every penny. I've been using it on MG for a month now and her skin loves it! This is a product I can now highly recommend for all those with sensitive skin! It's active ingredients are mineral based, utilizing ultra-micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. I wonder why it is that so many of the kids with nut allergies also have super sensitive skin... interesting. Let me know if you've also tried this brand and what you think. Now we are off to safely bask in the sun!


Little Lockards said...

I'll keep that in mind for Gavin. His skin doesn't like the kids spray I use on the girls but so far he seems to be doing well with the baby sunscreen. My family has a history of developing allergies after using a product for a long time so we'll see if that's the case for Gavin too.

Monica said...

I have never heard of this sunscreen but if you ever have trouble finding it or can't get it anymore ... you might want to consider trying Sensaria's SPF 28 sunscreen. It also is free of the chemicals that people tend to react to. It's about the same price point but I can always give you a bit of a deal. ;) Davin has sensitive skin too which is why Sensaria's products work really well for us. Sorry to promote but it's really something that works for us.