Thursday, November 26, 2009

Feeling Thankful

(I took this picture last Thanksgiving, love the sign in the background!)

I'm feeling thankful this time of year for all the fabulous medical resources at my fingertips for MG's life threatening allergies. I'm grateful for a trusty epipen that keeps me sane. Without it I'd never want to leave the safety of our own home. I'm thankful for the ready to go benadryl spoons that easily fit in my purse. They have come to our rescue in some scary situations.
This year I'm making a very safe Thanksgiving menu for MG. It will be my second year cooking for the 3 of us. I asked our darling MG what she wants to eat for Thanksgiving. Here is her response along with her recipe:
Turkey Pie (in the words of 4 year old MG)
*It has no eggs or nuts.
*First you put in turkey. Then you put chocolate on top.
Then you stir and bake!

She clarified for me that Turkey Pie is a main dish and that she wants candy for dessert.
I'm amazed and grateful that this darling girl we have is becoming more aware of her allergies and learning to help keep herself safe. I'm so thankful, what a sweetie!

Wishing you a yummy allergen free Thanksgiving!!


Renae said...

Interesting... Turkey pie. I wonder if I could get Owen to eat turkey if I did that. Perhaps we'll give it a try.

I'm glad your Thanksgiving went well. Epipens and Benedryl are definite things to be thankful for!!!