Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Granola Bars

Granola bars are the perfect snack on the go. I used to always carry one in my purse and always had an emergency stash in my car. After MG's anaphylactic shock I gladly rid our home of every peanut and tree nut product which included every granola bar. For several months after her diagnosis I searched granola box after granola box in frustration during every grocery store visit. It seemed that we'd never eat another granola bar again.

One day in my local Fred Meyer a box of granola bars caught me eye. I reluctantly searched the label preparing myself for the disappointment, which never came. I read the ingredients over and over again. I read every word on the entire box and could find no fault. Afraid that this product would vanish and never be found again, I filled my grocery cart with every box.

We've been enjoying Cascadian Farm's organic chocolate chip chewy granola bars ever since and think you should give them a try too. Hopefully using Cascadian's online store locator will help you find some safe granola bars for yourself or your nut allergic loved one.
If you sign up for the Cascadian Farm newsletter, you'll receive $5 worth of coupons on Cascadian Farm products sent to your email.

I hope that Cascadian Farms will continue to keep this product nut free but as always double check the label of your box, just to be safe.


Karen said...

This morning on the Today show they were showing "Nut" sniffing dogs like seeing eye dogs only trained to sniff out nuts for allergy victims. Isn't THAT what you've always wanted?? A DOG!! :)

Renae said...

I miss granola bars. Too bad Adam has the oat allergy. So I've noticed now that our grocery stores are stocked with all types of nuts etc.. in the produce section. It was quite a shock to me to realize the grocery store was no longer safe for my little one. I'm guessing you run into this problem too?

Lisita said...

Renae - I have noticed that some stores have nuts in the produce section. It hasn't been a problem for us yet as the store we frequent the most only has some packaged nuts in the produce section. MG always points and yells, "Mom, nuts!" It is frustrating to feel that no where is safe! Hopefully you have some options of other stores to shop in or can shop without the boys. Sigh, always extra work isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! And thanks for the info on granola bars. I am close to Canada and Quaker makes some that are safe over there that I have bought. But now we've added coconut to our allergy list so those don't work anymore. I've just resorted to making a big batch from scratch and freezing them to use when we want them.

Little Lockards said...

Thanks! I'll have to look for them next time I'm t Smith's!