Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving View

I wanted to post what an allergy friendly Thanksgiving meal looks like. It's a proud moment when your daughter could eat anything her heart desires at the table, especially on Thanksgiving. Not that she touched half of it but at least we tried. One day she'll appreciate it and we relax knowing that everything is 100% safe.


Renae said...

Looks nice. I did the same thing, just different foods. What's in your jello pretzel salad? It looks interesting. Something that Owen might like. So what are you serving at Christmas? It just dawned on me last week that it's time to plan another big meal that's allergy friendly. It was so nice to have Thanksgiving be so relaxed because I didn't have to worry about the boys' allergies.

Another question, on the side of your blog you mention that you're trying to eliminate milk from your daughter's diet. Is this new?

Lisita said...

Wow Renae you are on top of things! You are right, dairy is a new addition (again). I'll be blogging about it soon. The Jello Pretzel salad has raspberry jello, pretzels, butter, pineapple, cool whip & sugar. I can send you the recipe if you'd like. You could easily alter it to fit your own desires.