Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meatball Day

We have a little family tradition of watching a movie together once a week. Last Saturday we decided to make the moment extra special. We called it meatball day. We ate spaghetti & meatballs for lunch and then watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

(Warning, Movie Spoiler) I knew little about the movie. I'd just heard it was kid friendly and silly. I was surprised when the character Anna said she was allergic to peanuts because MG has never seen anyone on screen that she could relate to, in regards to her nut allergies. "She's just like me!" MG squealed happily! When Anna went into anaphylactic shock I was pleased that they showed how quickly it happens. However, when the character Anna finally received her epinephrine shot (epi pen) I was disappointed that she made a quick 100% recovery so quickly.

When MG went into anaphylactic shock after eating a tiny bite of a peanut butter and honey sandwich within minutes her checks were out as far as the tip of her nose. Her face was completely unrecognizable. While she did start to improve after her epi shot in the ambulance and continued to improve after treatments in the ER, it took a full 48 hours before her face completely recovered.

It's a challenge to get people to take MG's allergies seriously. I know people have wondered why I don't just relax and give her an epi shot before we go to the park. This goes to show how uneducated people are about nut allergies.

An epi pen is a life saving miracle. Something you hope you never have to use and yet something that you carry around 24/7 to give yourself a bit of peace as you venture out. I worry that the portrayal in the movie is only going to continue to confuse those who don't understand. Did anyone else see it and what was your feeling and perspective of Anna going into
anaphylactic shock?


Kim and Megan said...

What timing! I just read your post, and we watched the movie on Friday as a special treat. I also had mixed emotions about the allergy issue, but overeall, I was glad to see the issue raised in a serious way. My son (7) was so excited to see someone with allergies in a movie. Hopefully, the next time it will be handled even better. Thanks for your post.

Lisita said...

Thank-you for commenting, Kim & Megan. I'm glad to know I'm not the only parent who had mixed emotions about the movie!

Renae said...

You've definitely caught my interest. I'm going to HAVE to rent this movie and watch it with the kids! And I loved the meal idea before hand. The book is one of my absolute favorites! But I don't remember anything about allergies in the book. I'll comment after I watch it.