Wednesday, March 10, 2010


MG's most recent testing left us with no hope of her outgrowing her peanut and tree nut allergies. Her peanut number was at 80. Her doctor said not to expect her to ever outgrow them. I didn't realize how much I was holding on to the hope that she'd outgrow them until I heard those words. Sad, so sad! We continue to hope for more research and a cure! How do you deal with bad allergy news?


Renae said...

I'm so sorry. Seriously, I feel your pain. What do we do when we find out more bad news about the boys' food allergies... First I'm in denial, and then I try to find something really fun to do as a family that has nothing to do with food. Then when the kids are in bed I cry and then read blogs like yours that help me feel like I'm not alone. Once I'm feeling a little bit better I'm ready to conquer life again and work even harder to make life "normal," which is a joke, but still I try.

By the way, I would REALLY love to chat sometime about the ways in which your ward supports your daughter's food allergies. I'm getting absolutely no where and have honestly been told I'm being unreasonable by a stake president. Besides there are so many other questions I want to ask you! If you're up to it PLEASE e-mail me your contact info. Thanks a million!


Miryam (mama o' the matrices) said...

oh, hope. There's a painful feeling, even when things work out.

When someone tells me a flat statement about my boys' medical future, I try to mentally add, "given the state of the field."

So, given the state of the field, you shouldn't expect MG's allergies to change. But, should the science of allergies be better understood - should this medical field advance (as indeed, they are trying to!), well. Then, who knows?

Oh, yes - and I avoid doctors who have the gall to say something like that with such certainty. For many reasons, bedside manner among them.

Karen said...

I'd eat Trader Joe's Chocolate till the cows come home! We're just so grateful she's alive and healthy thanks to you!!

Jen H said...

I totally understand. My 5 year old is above 100 for peanuts, and my youngest is above 100 for peanuts, egg and milk. They were at 88 last year. It is so frustrating. When I saw that the numbers had increased I wanted to cry. I just told myself that we were already dealing with extremely high numbers anyway, so it shouldn't matter that they increased.

Of course, when we talk about our kids allergies with other people, the first question they ask is 'but won't they outgrow them?' and I have to say no.

Let's hope the latest allergy immunization research will help our kids in the near future.


Shannon said...

Oh Lisa, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sorry you have to go through this. I am with Jen and Miryam, though. Medicine makes huge advances so rapidly these days. I used to volunteer at a children's hospital (Primary) and the ward I worked on was full of kids with cancers and cystic fibrosis. Even 30 years ago the average life span for a kid with CF was about 5 years. The median life expectancy is now 40. The disease didn't change, but miracles have happened in the treatments. And it's not only that they are living longer, but the treatments have radically improved the quality of life for affected people. MG's allergies may not go away, but I have every reason to believe that treatments will be developed that will make her safer and help her quality of life.

Lisita said...

Thanks for the love everyone!! It's hard to balance hope with reality. I appreciate your support!